• Flies designed with purpose

Hipster Dufus

Carp flies designed with purpose

I design bugs that have some resistance in them, to slow them down upon entry, as well as giving them a soft landing.  I am a strong believer in this putting more (picky) fish in the net.  This mostly applies to my still water designs, with my river designs having the necessary  adjustments to accommodate flows and depth.

Wakame Salad - explained

Hipster Dufus lovin'

“... I came around a point at the pond and there she was, face in the mud and tail up. I launched out a Hipster Dufus from my bud Daryl Angler, and she slurped it right up.”

Chris Fowler

Dufus lovin'

“my backyard location is heating up. Nervous Water Flies are doing it. The Dufus is MONEY”

Randy Pruitt

Ginger approved!

“Worth every penny! Superb carp research and understanding. Fill your box with these and you will get eats. Thanks dude!”

Ryan Russell

Arizona lovin'

"In carp fishing presentation is everything. I feel that probably carries over in to producing and packaging carp related items. Shout to Daryl Angler and his baby Nervous Water Flies. Perfection." 

Ryan Poq

Tried & True Dufus!

"WOW THIS IS AWESOME!!! Hipster Dufus doing work👊👊💥 First carp on my new Nervous Water Flies! Might need something bigger than my 5 wt."

Kevin Flessner

Who am I?

Well, I'm a pretty normal dude, husband, father, brother, uncle, and son. In addition to Nervous Water Flies, I have a degree in audio production, which allows me to work on fly fishing projects as a sound designer and mixer.  If you are curious you can click on the Vimeo link and check out some of my work.   All that said, I really enjoy designing bugs that will last and produce.  As you can see, I don't have a ton of flies up because I only sell what I fish...well that and I am the only one tying them, ha!

I am an Umpqua Fly Designer and an ambassador/team member for Vicuna dubbing, with whom I have a custom carp blend available!

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