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About me...

a little about me...

I love everything about hunting carp on the fly. I love that my adrenaline races when a fish turns on my fly. I love the challenge, the hunt, the refusal, the missed takes, the frustration, the mental beatdowns, and most importantly...the golden spoils. I didn’t see this coming, to be a fully grown man, and find something to cause physical change is amazing. 

  I didn’t start tying fłies because I couldn’t find what I wanted, I started tying flies because of the control it offered. 😂. I spend time tying and testing flip times, sink rates, and how to reduce splash. I didn’t know what kind of carp bugs I had a preference for at first, but then settled in on a few confidence patterns. Backstabbers and Egan’s Headstands were paramount in my development of fly design. Both patterns were above all, versatile; Aside from the track record, I adored their versatility.  My bugs will usually start on the versatility design path, with variants following for specific situations.  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests. 


Daryl Angler