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H.V.R.T. Carp Fly

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The respected, tried and true Guides Choice Hares Ear has crossed over to the dark side and is sporting a makeover. I start out with the same chassis as the Hipster Dufus and add just enough buggy resistance to help with sink rate, entry splash and silhouette. I had decided early on that I was going to have a variety of natural choices in my box, to provide balance in my options. I believe it’s a natural progression to build on something you’re confident with. I’ve written my share of songs on guitar that were built off of a Keith Richards riff or a Bob Weir progression, because I was confident with that riff, that key, that mojo. So shifting that mentality to the vise made sense to me and provided confidence early on. This is also a great gateway pattern into carp on a fly, as it’s still somewhat “trouty” and certainly passes for a plump aquatic nymph, or even a juvenile craw. This fly will provide an opportunity to transfer that trout pattern confidence over to your newfound carp game!

Oh, what does H.V.R.T. stand for? Well I’ve heard it’s been called the “Havarti" Carp Fly, which makes sense but isn’t accurate. As a long-standing fan of the show Seinfeld, this one is a nod to Mr. Peterman- Haitian Voodoo Rattle Torture Carp Fly.

TMC2457 #8

* Umpqua Feather Merchants Signature Pattern