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Hipster Dufus

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Giddy-up! The Hipster Dufus was designed to be a versatile bug that you can dap, flip, drag it, drop it, or bomb it on fish. With barred wood duck feathers, and CDC, it’s a little buggy, a little flashy and has a ton of moxie. This is my baby, my first labor of time and love. When I started tying carp flies, and learning how to build a chassis for a carp fly I was still fishing for trout quite a bit. I had become smitten with a particular free-swimming caddis pattern that absolutely crushes on our Colorado tail waters…the Banksia Bug. I tinkered with various lift kits (thank you Jay) to balance it properly, as well as various abdomen sizes and materials. I know that when I was just starting with this pattern that I wanted it to be versatile so I could fish it from fishery to fishery, situation to situation. It’s the first pattern I tie on when fishing new water because it covers lots of bases. The shape of the fly, the barred wood duck, the seductive CDC feather, all of it sells. I am extremely proud of the work I’ve put in on the Dufus, and owe debt of gratitude to a carp crushing, mountain dwelling farmer. 

TMC 2457 #8

* Umpqua Feather Merchants Signature Pattern